Totara Flats Hut


26 with mattresses and stove


This is the third Totara Flats Hut I've tramped to however its definitely the most palacial and comfortable although its location isn't quite as good as the previous Hut out on the grassy plain to the South. You might want to get to the hut early in peak summer time as this is a busy hut. It also happens to have awesome trout fishing in the river for both rainbow and brown trout. I recommend a stroll upstream if your keen on some fish for dinner although anywhere is pretty good. Totara Creek can be frustrating during the closed season in winter as the spawning trout literally flood Totara Creek, remember no matter how tempted you are these are next open seasons catch so hands off.

Getting There

Totara Flats can be accessed from Walls Whare or Holdsworth roadends. Sayers hut is across the river and Neil Forks hut is over the ridge at the back of the hut.


Department of Conservation, NZ Tramper, Upper Valley Tramping Club

Totara Flats Hut
Totara Flats Hut

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