Tutuwai Hut


20 with mattresses and stove


A welcome sight after a hard slog up from Kaitoki although a hut that can also be missed if your casually wandering up the river terraces. The but itself is quite a distance from the river around ten meters up the bank. The hut itself is fairly basic but big. Rumours persist that its haunted although I've never seen anything myself its a legendary hut for heavy boot steps on the floor without anyone to make them. At night with a candle flickering and some noise outside (probably from possums but who knows) you may want company when you visit the long drop.

Getting There

Tutuwai hut can be accessed from Cone and Alpha huts or from Smiths Creek shelter.


Department of Conservation, NZ Tramper, Wellington Tramping Group

Tutuwai Hut
Tutuwai Hut

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