Colonial Knob and Porirua Scenic Reserve


Considering how close this is to the central city and public transport this area is blessed with options for hitting the great outdoors. The views from Colonial Knob itself both over the suburbs and out towards the coast on the other side are nothing short of spectacular. The main carpark is off Broken Hill road just before you start up the hill towards the tip. Also you can get into the park from the Elsden Camp carpark in Raha Street, Waiho Terrace and Rangituhi Crescent.

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Ohariu Valley Rd to Colonial Knob/Te Araroa Walkway

Ohariu Valley Rd to Colonial Knob/Te Araroa Walkway

On the Colonial Knob side the track starts as a pine forest access road along a small ridge starting at the smelly Porirua Tip. When the track runs out of ridge it turns into a route through pine forest down to Ohariu Valley Rd marked with poles which are difficult to see. This track runs from either the Colonial Knob main track via a steep downhill or Chasfudan Place through to Ohariu Valley Rd over the ridge. This is a good fun for bikes.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around an hour one way

Distance and Height

The track is around 3km long and climbs a total of 120m

Brasenose Pl to Colonial Knob/Te Araroa Walkway

Brawenose Pl to Colonial Knob/Te Araroa Walkway

This track starts in Brasenose Pl, climbing past tracks up to the farmland at the top of the spur. From here it becomes a ground trail as opposed to a track but can still be followed if you keep your eyes out. Not for the faint hearted and please respect the farmers private property. The track officially starts from Brasenose Place however a number of short tracks in Tawa also join this track.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 30-40 minutes to get to the top of the ridge

Distance and Height

The track is around 1.5km long and climbs a total of 180m

Colonial Knob Walkway

Colonial Knob

This walkway provides access to breathtaking 360 degree views from Colonial Knob. The area is well travelled and on a good day you can feel like you're queuing towards the top. This area is also good fun on a bike provided you put the effort in to get it to the top.

Time and Difficulty

Allow between 1.5 and 2 hours to do the main loop. Its about the same if you do the return trip to Broken Hill via the reservoir

Distance and Height

The main loop is 6.7km from Raiha St to Broken Hill but you can extend this using other tracks. The walkway rises between 60m and 460m.

Porirua Scenic Reserve

Porirua Scenic Reserve This network of tracks provide access to Porirua Scenic Reserve, a large area of reasonably mature native forest to the side of Colonial Knob. One of the highlights is the birdsong which can be deafening in spring and the excellent quality of the main tracks. This is also a good area for those who enjoy bush bashing but don't try this unless you are handy with a map and compass (or GPS).

Distance and Height

The area has around 10km of tracks which should be plenty for most people

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