New Town and Berhampore


Never far from civilisation and yet remote this areas highlight has to be cafe tramping at its finest.


This area is well served with tracks on both sides of the valley and the coast. The views back into the city and around the Southern Coast are both spectactular and surprising.

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Mt Albert Reserve

Walking AllowedBiking AllowedDogs Allowed
Mt Albert


The track can be started from Melrose Park or Manchester St and usually finishes at Mt Albert Rd


This track runs over the Mt Albert ridge from a number of entry points although its mostly travelled as part of the Southern Walkway. Of the many tracks in the area the best views looking up the Hutt Valley can be had from the top of the ridge itself although the track can get overgrown in places. The lower end runs round the zoo's perimeter fence and not only do you get the sights and sounds of the zoo for free but unfortunately the smells too.

Truby King Park

Walking AllowedBiking AllowedDogs Not Allowed
Truby King Park


You can join the track at Owen St however most pass through doing the Southern Walkway from Commandel St or Manchester St


This group of tracks run through the pine trees up to the historical Truby King Hhouse at the top of the hill. The track is wide and well used by mountain bikers as evidenced by the improvised jumps in places. The track isn't difficult but it does branch in a number of places particularly towards the top where side tracks take you out into the gardens


The house and gardens were owned by Sir Truby and Lady Isabella who together co-founded the Plunket Society in 1907. The idea behind the plunket society was then exported to other countries but this was where it all started. The original Karitane hospital can also be found on the site.

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